Charter of Quebec Values: Part 2

The saga continues, but I can say as one trained as a social worker, I am happy to come across media that negates what the PQ Minority government is trying to do.

I opened my local Suburban today, dated September 25, 2013 and read many Letters to the Editor that basically say, “Shame on you, PQ.” I smiled when I came across one written by a francophone who admits he voted for Pauline Marois and now wish he had not.

He states, “Shame on you. As a proud francophone living in Montreal, you’ve managed in your short stint as Premier to roll back Quebec and Montreal to the days dating back to pre-1900’s. Even then I do not think it was this bad…….you’ve managed to divide the people of a province, as well as a city. You have managed to ignore what is really important to Quebecers…education and health….”

Another writes, “Only one person could put an end to this dangerous talk of ‘pure lain values’ and she, like far too many politicians lack the backbone, the morals and ethical conviction and the humility to stand up and say, ‘I have made a mistake.’ But they never do that. They never apologize. They never admit to mistakes. The poor, the hungry, the elderly in our society are ignored, the roads crumble, the bridges fall down…..”

Another individual titles his letter, ‘The Charter of Shame.” That just about sums up the Charter of Quebec Values.

These individuals have conviction, morals and integrity to speak their minds and good for them! More need to do this, especially Francophones as the Charter of Quebec Values, targets and isolates immigrants, minorities, those who are Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and of other cultural and religious backgrounds-anyone non-Christian.

As Mayor William Steinberg of Hampstead wrote in his letter to the editor, “I am a member of three minorities, I am English, I am handicapped (hearing) and I am a Jew.”

Montreal is a beautiful city with culture, great food, wonderful activities and is a blend of individuals from all over the world. Quebec, whether it likes it or not, is part of Canada which is a great country that prides itself on its blend of people which includes different cultures, religions, ethnicities…..Canada is a western country with democracy and I, along with others, are wondering if Premier Pauline Marois realizes this as she is coming across as a politician who does not care and does not listen to her residents.

By Victoria Brewster, MSW