The Benefits to Participating in Webinars

Today, I participated in a webinar from Financial Social Work on 6 Steps to a Debt Free Holiday. The information was good and focused on the need to be proactive and eliminate stress and anxiety during the holiday season. The process is engagement, education, motivation, validation and support looking at a multi-disciplinary, psychosocial and strength-based approach.

One must remember that emotions and feelings play a part along with a personal, individual and emotional choice. Materialism vs. consumerism, hmmm neither is your friend. Think about what the true meaning and spirit of the holiday season is-gifts, family togetherness, charity, volunteering? “One must take control of their spending to have control over their life.” – Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

If one uses shopping to fill a void or provide comfort, overspending could occur. Stick to a budget and seek assistance if needed.

This could be a great topic for a workshop/educational group session for clients to teach budgeting and financial skills.

For anyone who is interested: for more information.

Victoria Brewster, MSW