Hearts in Healthcare

Thanks to social media and LinkedIn, I have connected with some amazing professionals recently and we are all interested in collaboration, self-care, and improving the professional-client/patient relationship using a more patient-centered focus.

I just learned of a doctor in New Zealand who began a project: Hearts in Healthcare and this is because of a professional I recently connected with from Spain-so a special thank you to Dr. Gabi Heras!

“Healthcare’s focus on physical disease and bio-medicine is unbalanced. We need to pay much more attention to emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being and the huge importance of healing relationships.” – Dr. Robin Youngson- “Time to Care

This site is a place where professionals can find articles, inspiration, resources, and campaigns, all designed to help you, as the professional be part of movement for change. The goal is to motivate others to join in and support each other as we all work towards the goal.

There is a focus on reducing stress, avoiding burn-out, promoting recovery & well-being, enriching relationships….it all sounds good to me! If we think about it or admit it, many of us who work in social services, healthcare, and/or the helping professions can become stressed, emotionally drained, tired….to avoid this, we as professionals need to do self-care. That can mean something different for each of us, but it should involve days off from work, vacations, hobbies, exercise, social time with friends, family or colleagues. Take your lunch hour, go for a walk, read, just sit outside in the sun for 15 minutes, listen to music for relaxation. Find what works for you-what rejuvenates you, enriches your life!

A work-life balance is needed-too much of either for long periods of time is not good in the sense that too much work all the time will lead to stress and possibly illness, while too much relaxation can make us lethargic, unmotivated…..

As I write this I am listening to Josh Groban-soothing music that rejuvenates me; plus he is singing in Italian, Spanish, French and English-the music just flows.

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday!

Victoria Brewster, MSW


    1. Thank you Cathie!
      I have eclectic tastes in music actually-everything from the Beatles to classic rock, Adele, Gavin Degraw, opera, U2, Elton John…….music speaks to the soul!

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