New Year’s Reflection: 2014

None of us truly knows what the future holds. Would we want to if we really think about it? Sometimes surprises, uncertainty, and spontaneity are good!

2014 is just about done and 2015 right around the corner! Typically people make resolutions or set goals for the coming year; I know I do, but I tend to follow through on them. For others they have great intentions and for whatever reason the goal(s) or resolution(s) fades away…. Make 2015 a different year by the choices you make.

I have come across a few good websites/blogs lately and will focus on one that mentions Appreciating Life. It is positive, uplifting and in reality, no matter how bad something seems or is, as the expression goes, “It could always be worse.”

  • More joy
  • More determination
  • More love

I would go further and add:

  • More compassion
  • More empathy
  • More kindness
  • More socialization with friends, family, and colleagues
  • More volunteering in whatever way one is able

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!


Victoria Brewster, MSW (Vikki)


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