Eight Reflections on Seniors as Patients

Eight Reflections on Seniors as Patients

List three older people that were in your life as a child.

  • Of these, choose one of these persons to focus on for just a moment: Consider something important they shared with you at that time.
  • How might that important message yet influence your care of elders now?
  • What do you believe that elders are most afraid of?
  • What is there about elders that you do not yet understand?
  • What is your best gift to your elder patients?
  • How will you know if you are succeeding in elder care?
  • What pleasures do you expect to continue to receive in elder care?

These questions are arranged in a hierarchical fashion. They are designed to give us an opportunity to think about and reflect on our care of elders. They elicit memories that may influence our care of elders. They invite reflection on what we believe are important concerns of elders.  They illuminate our expectations regarding how we will be as we care for our elders.

Alan S. Wolkenstein, MSW
Clinical Professor of Family Medicine (Ret.)
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Behavioral Sciences Consultation Service
School of Nursing: Concordia University of Wisconsin