Being A Psychotherapist: Things School and Books Can’t Really Prepare You For Part One: Mental Fatique

A good description of being a therapist or counselor; it is hard work, but for those that choose the field because they are drawn to it-many forgo the money aspect and focus on the patient.
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Licensed Mental Health Counselor

iStock_000024633998Medium-744x418To be a psychotherapist takes years of school and a lot of reading and writing about various aspects of human behavior. Many students fresh out of school with not much patient contact or real therapeutic hours under their belt, think that they fully know what it is like to be a therapist. They don’t. While school and books definitely prepare you for sounding like a trained therapist, nothing but real experience and hundreds of hours of patient contact, can prepare you for even the basics of what it’s like to be a therapist.

Many people who see me doing my job say, “I want to do that” and I never discourage them. I just tell them that if they are doing it from their hearts then they should pursue it. If they are doing it because they think it pays well, then they should seek another career. If they are…

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  1. Excellent article. Important and perceptive information for anyone considering this career path.

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