Grief and Walking Each Other Home – Elaine Mansfield

Wow! A wonderfully written post Elaine! You continue to share ‘golden nuggets’ of wisdom, kind words, offer inspiration, and healing along with compassion.
I had the honour and learning experience to read the book about your husband’s death and while I have not had immediate family members die, I have had many extended family members, clients, colleagues, and friends die over the years. Each passing has taught me something.
May you continue to be an inspiration to others…….

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  1. Elaine’s piece beautifully said. Thank you for posting this, Vikki! Many need to read it!

  2. Thank you, Rea and Vikki. As I said at Loss, Grief, Transitions and Relationship Support: More than my usual posts, this piece is about bereavement work. Because the mom is an old friend and not a Hospice client, I could ask her for permission and then write about our time together so many years after her daughter’s death. She was grateful and so was I.

    Rea, thanks again for introducing me to Vikki. I’m so glad to be connected with both of you.

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