The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt Book Spotlight & Author Interview by Catherine Olen

Book Description:

See the enchantment of the Disneyland resort in a whole new way with “The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt.” From Main Street U.S.A. to New Orleans Square, Walt Disney lovingly designed every detail to immerse guests in the magic of his theme parks.

See Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure through new eyes when you discover fantasy, thrills, and dreams around every turn. Whether you’re perusing the shops, waiting in line, or riding attractions, there’s plenty to uncover for even the most knowledgeable Disney fan.

If this is your first visit or your five hundredth, you will discover something new with “The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt.”

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The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

Author’s Bio:

Catherine Olen has enjoyed a love affair with the magic of the Disney theme parks for as long as she can remember, counting herself among Disneyland passholders for the last twenty-five years. Previously, Olen owned and operated Hollywood Grave Hunter and is the proud author of The Final Curtain: Celebrity Deaths and The Upside of Undertaking, chronicling her previous career experiences. She has been a correspondent to Entertainment Tonight (US and France), The Biography Channel, Reelz Network, and the Mark & Brian radio show.

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Author Interview:

In writing The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt was there anything new you learned about Disneyland resort?

I should say so! After being an annual pass holder for over twenty-five years, I was surprised with all of the part of Disneyland I had not seen previously. For instance, did you know that the lighthouse in front of the Storybookland Canal Boats attraction was previously used as a ticket booth when the theme parks still used coupon for the attraction? It is now used as park décor but it is a wonderful example of the incarnations Disneyland has gone through over the decades.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

While I enjoy most of the writing process, I suppose my favorite part is seeing the book take form. With each page and chapter, I love seeing each question and fact appear on the page. It was a celebration for me the day I wrote the final words and sent the book off to my publisher. I imagine Walt Disney felt much the same when he watched Disneyland go from a group of orange grove to clearing the space to building the rides and shops of Disneyland. There is a satisfaction to seeing your vision become reality.

Have you spent time reading other books about Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

I have read many books about the history and trivia surrounding the Disney parks. I have enjoyed learning about the hidden basketball court within the Matterhorn attraction or reading about the time capsule hidden beneath the ground in front of Sleeping Beauty castle. When I envisioned The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt, I stayed away from formats that had been done previously and created something new for guests to explore the theme parks. After reading many of the other books published, I feel my book is very different from anything done before.

What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars area of Disneyland being built now?

I am so excited about the new themed area of Disneyland. The Tomorrowland area has already began getting guests ready for this new transition with re-theming the Space Mountain attraction as well we creating the Launch Bay in the old Innoventons building. Seeing the characters like Chewbacca and Kylo Ren are adding so much fun to this section of the park.

What are your plans for the future of Mouse Hangover and the Scavenger hunt books?

I am excited to announce The Great Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt and The Great Universal Studios Florida books coming soon. I am anxiously awaiting taking guests on a new tour of the theme parks in the east coast in much the same way I have done with The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt.


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