Frustration Within the Helping/Medical Professions: Strategies to Change it.

I came across this article on LinkedIn and had to take a look. Do doctors die differently and are they treated differently? I have also come across many posts about frustration related to one’s work environment and profession. What are the solutions?

What do you think?  Medical professionals are more knowledgeable about medical procedures, diseases, illnesses, and treatment options. They have witnessed patients in all types of scenarios. They probably know what they do not want-to lie in a hospital bed ignored in an understaffed hospital.

“Many people have witnessed a death that seemed to be exacerbated by modern medicine: a drug that came with side effects but never seemed to halt the disease’s progress, the surgery that was totally unnecessary and might even have sped up someone’s death. Doctors have seen that happen even more often.”

The article states: “…that the entire health-care system is aimed at fixing problems, not giving comfort.” This is the piece that needs to change and there are many health professionals around the world trying to do just that, one person at a time. Provide attention and comfort, to listen to the patient and family members, to be compassionate, empathic, to do a little bit more.

No matter whether one is a nurse, physician, social worker, psychologist, companion, caregiver, orderly…..the list goes on.

Meet some of these professionals: – Gabriel Heras, MD is such a professional who is striving to make a difference and has created an environment in Spain within the ICU that has caught on and other professionals are doing the same. Watch his youtube video and turn on the English subtitles. -a wonderful resource site and a place to connect with other like minded professionals.

“Healthcare’s focus on physical disease and bio-medicine is unbalanced. We need to pay much more attention to emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being and the huge importance of healing relationships.” -Dr. Robin Youngson- “Time to Care

I have connected with many such professionals through LinkedIn. Brave, open-minded professionals who are willing to take a stand. Professionals who share information, ideas, speak at conferences, write articles and books. Professionals who care and because they care so much, have made and continue to make a real difference in their work environments. That is the type of professional I want to be and strive to be. If not, why did any of us choose a helping profession or a healthcare profession to work in in the first place?

We all start out with this idea of wanting to help others, to want to make a difference in the world and perhaps our idea is very grand in the beginning, and as we work in our chosen profession and the years go by, reality sets in. This does not mean we have to settle, give up or become frustrated. This is the very time, the very moment to become focused again and to mindfully choose to make a difference each day we go to work. Clients or patients that frustrate us-there is a reason. The reason is not them, but us. WE have to change our mindset and figure out what it is that frustrates us and why we allow it to. Once we do this, the relationship changes, the way we approach the client/patient changes and usually for the better.

The same can be said for one’s work environment too. Many professionals, and I read articles and posts all the time about professionals becoming frustrated with their work environment, their bosses, their colleagues…..again-what is the reason? This is the moment to review and decide why one may become frustrated, fed-up, think of quitting or changing careers. What has caused an individual to reach burn-out or come close to it?

Share your thoughts with me on this topic. What have you done if this was your situation to change the feelings of frustration? If you were the one that was in hospital or diagnosed as ill-what would you do-helping professional/healthcare professional or not?