‘Journey’s End’ is Available!

Julie and I are very excited to announce that our book is available on the Xlibris website at: www.xlibris.com.

Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life; 2.5 years in the making is finally available. Thank you to all who contributed to our book. We never could have done it without you…

The book is also on goodreadsamazon.com, amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble.


  1. Many kind thoughts and meta for all you have both traveled through to arrive here on this day. Blessings and my meditations are with you both.

    In the time between our first talks about a submission and now, I have completed my studies and been certified as one of the first graduating group of 8, as a Yoga Mantra teacher. So I have a complementary path and skill set to assist the progress and healing of hearts and spirits.

    I am honoured to make a very modest contribution your project and wish the best for you and the mark your work will make.

    Namaste ~
    ~ Guna Sāgara/ Robert S. Ball

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