Advance Care Planning…What is That?

Advance Care Planning, What is that?

Have you thought about your final wishes? What you want medically, treatment wise? How much medical interventions you want? Do you want feeding tubes, oxygen, surgery, CPR, dialysis or breathing machines?

Do you want to be in the hospital or at home to die? Are you open to palliative care should you be able to benefit from it and it is offered? Hospice? Do you even want medical treatment or do you want to enjoy what time you have left to spend with family and friends before you die out of the hospital?

These are all questions to think about. Putting your medical wishes into a document makes it much easier for yourself should you be unconscious and for your family, friends and medical professionals to follow and know what you want!

Ideally, advance care planning is a process that you revisit throughout your life, continually evaluating what’s important to you and what your priorities are as this will change as you age or your health declines.