The Holidays and Grieving…

These are all great blog posts and articles on grief, grieving, and the holidays. No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or another holiday at this time of year- the ideas and message are the same. Grieve, remember, come up with new traditions while honoring and remembering the old ones.

Very good advice: “Memories can sometimes be a source of comfort to the bereaved. Share your memories with others of holidays spent with your loved one by telling stories and looking at photo albums. Try to avoid “canceling” the holiday despite the temptation. It is OK to avoid some circumstances that you don’t feel ready to handle, but don’t isolate yourself. Allow yourself some time for solitude while at the same time spending time with close friends and family.”

Do what feels right for you. Do what makes sense to you. If you want to keep the old traditions-do it! If you want to create new traditions do it! If you want to say ‘forget it’ and skip the holiday fuss then do it!


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