Closure…What Does That Mean?

Closure; what does that mean to you when someone dies? How quickly do you grieve? How quickly do you ‘move on’ as some expect you to?

“For many in our society, closure means leaving grief behind, a milestone they usually expect to reach within a matter of weeks or months. Closure means being “normal”, getting back to your old self, no longer crying or being affected by the death. It means “moving on with life” and leaving the past behind, even to the extent of forgetting it or ignoring it. Yet when we experience the death of a loved one, this kind of closure is not only impossible but indeed undesirable.”

I have both friends and clients where closure could take years…they are not ready to move on. The love, the attachment was so strong that many years later, they still grieve.

For each individual the grief and bereavement process is different. For some, it is rather quick. We are individuals after all. Our upbringing, morals, values, religion, culture, and ethnicity will all play a part.