The Holidays and Bereavement

A good article on grief, mourning, and bereavement… and the holidays.

For many, the upcoming holidays are a happy and joyful time filled with family, friends, gifts, food, and time spent together. For others, the upcoming holidays are a time that makes them sad, sorrowful, unhappy and brings back memories of a loved one.

For those affected by grief-it is a time to create new traditions, to adjust to a holiday without a spouse or other family member. Be patient. Be gentle with yourself. Allow the memories, allow quiet time for yourself. Speak up and talk to friends and family so they understand how you feel. For those on the other side, meaning a family member or friend who is watching one go through the mourning process-also be patient, be kind, be understanding, be gentle.

Here is another link that will assist the individual in bereavement and mourning. It is The Bereaved Holiday Season Bill of Rights.



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