Moving Forward…

The reason I write this, as much adversity one faces, the challenges that cross our paths- move forward, stay hopeful, stay kind, compassionate, and grateful for each and every day!

Because of the COVID-19 virus our world is facing something that most of us have never faced before. Some of my senior clients have faced more than I have in my lifetime…

One has to reflect on their life and evaluate; every single day!

I have had much occur in my life and for anyone interested, read the ebook version of my memoir: The Upbringing that Encircles Me available on Amazon.

This short, but packed book focuses on the first 46 years or so of my life….but life continues and since the ebook came out in December 2018; even more has occurred.

Trust me, the book will keep you interested as much happened in my life before 2018! Death, moving to a new country, marriage, kids, divorce, starting over, 2nd marriage, illness+

In October 2018; I tripped on the stairs in my home and suffered a concussion and shoulder injury. First, I am sure you are wondering- tripped UP the stairs?? Yes, wood stairs with rubber treads and one was loose and my slipper naturally got caught on that one.  😦

2 months later, as I could not travel to see my parents for the holidays, they joined us here in Montreal. Needless to say, 6 people in a small upper duplex with 2 small dogs (theirs) and my kitty made for a crowded space (great visit), but guess what you know who did? Tripped over the laundry basket and went head first into the wall…so concussion symptoms worsened and symptoms continued…

5 months off work; 4 months of physiotherapy, osteopathy, therapeutic massage, and I finally returned to work. Strange to return and learn I had to manage my post-concussion symptoms.

I am super light sensitive, noise sensitive, smells can trigger a migraine. Adjust the computer monitor to the night setting, no overhead lights, blue light glasses as needed…

I had to accept that I was not the same and I still had to heal. Concentration issues, focus issues, memory issues, being overwhelmed by various stimuli, but I got through it all. Did I mention SUPER light sensitive?

Luckily, I have had office mates that got it and accept this about me. My office is the ‘Zen Zone’ I like to think-no overhead lights, quiet, darker then elsewhere at work.

But wait! August 2019 comes I am out enjoying one of my favorite past-times; the bike paths of Montreal, heading from Montreal-West area to the Old Port, a 15k bike ride.

Arrive, enjoy a nice coffee, the view, and start heading back.

Luckily, it was a quiet Sunday-not too busy, very few cars.

Heading back with 14.5k to go to get home and out of nowhere- a cyclist decides to cross the street onto the bike path and there is no one in front of us or behind us, but he needs to enter the bike path between us for some reason! My partner paying attention, unlike me, swerves out of the way, but for me…too late! Head on collision by a young male on a Bixi bike. Basket smashes into my hand, I fall to the ground, and land in the street (I count my blessings everyday there were no cars on the road or I would have been hit by one or smashed into one).

Instinct set in as I was falling…hands and arm took the worst of the fall (I did NOT want to hit my head again!) Scraped hands, bleeding elbow, sore shoulder, bleeding knee, and I could not move my right hand or arm after getting up (did I mention I am a righty?)

The young man stayed to make sure I was okay, my partner reamed him out and off the man went carrying the bike that hit me as it was bent!

I sucked it up, got back on the bike my then partner fixed, to the best of his ability with the limited tools on hand, for the journey home. I biked the 14.5k back home. No movement or flexibility in my right hand; long, slow ride, but I did it.  🙂

2 months recovery…x-ray of my right finger/hand; no broken bones, 2 months of shoulder and trapezoid muscle pain. Fast forward to today, March 2nd and I am feeling ‘normal’.   🙂

A big thank you to my colleague and friend who worked on my shoulder each and every lunch break as I could not afford to go to physiotherapy. My work insurance only covers $35 a visit after a $100 deductible and the balance of each visit would fall to me.

I was off work 5 months collecting 1/3rd of my salary before that, so money was limited. Heating pad, tens unit, and Motrin became my saviors during this time.

I am in a much better place now and feel I can breathe. I feel more me than I have in a long time.  🙂

I still suffer from migraines. I am learning the triggers-usually light, sound, smells, bad sleeping position. I have researched natural treatments for it as I am anti-medications unless absolutely necessary.

Back on B12, magnesium, waiting for my new memory foam pillow to arrive. Liquid Advil Gelcaps are awesome along with extra strength acetaminophen, and this herb remedy I came across- it works. It helps reduce the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, head pain (contains Feverfew, CoQ10, and white willow bark). Blue light reducing glasses, night settings on all my screens, soothing music… and lot of self-care! 2 migraines in 3 days-not fun!

I would love to hear from others how they recovered from adversity, to migraine remedies, and more! Reach out!


  1. Wow, Vikki! You’ve had two hard smackdowns. I hope you are recovered and safe. I have Meniere’s Disease (hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, and more). I’m trying to deal with the hearing loss (and the social isolation it brings) plus a cochlear implant I had a year ago. I hear better than before, but sound is odd and the translation process in the brain is tiring. I’m grateful for more hearing and trying to improve it with practice. This specific kind of vertigo, a bit like a migraine aura (I’m told), warns me when it’s coming, but I have a constant lack of balance and would not feel safe riding a bike. I now have medicines that work, so I’m grateful for that, but they’re addictive, so I have to use sparingly. And life is good in so many ways–and I love hiking and watching birds. Soon flowers will come. I have a young rescued dog and an old dog, so I’m outside every day even in the coldest weather and have these amazingly loving companions. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

  2. Elaine,
    Thinking of you daily. I can only imagine what it is like to hear more clearly after the implant and how strange it is.
    Vertigo on a regular basis-healing vibes your way! 2 migraines (bad ones) in 3 days is not fun nor the symptoms, but they lessen and go away…
    I also love nature, walks outside, time in silence, and dimness. I used to love the sun, but for me now it is glaring and too bright!
    I avoid prescribed medications as much as possible and being offered an injection in my head by the neurologist or pain medication-no thanks! Herbs & vitamins if they work-I would much rather.
    Thank you for sharing and commenting!

  3. If thoughts were wishes and they came true, you would be well! Ugh, Vikki, you deserve a lifetime rest from these painful, long-duration episodes! I’m with you as you make this next journey to wellness…….!! Be sensible. Listen to your body’s various needs for healing.

    1. I am working on it Rea! I can finally write again and this has always been my go to for ‘therapy’ and I try to stay as positive as possible and look forward to the future. Bad things happen to good people, but it is up to us to decide how to process what happened and how we move forward… 🙂

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