Being an Empath…

Being an empath is not easy. One absorbs the pain and discomfort from those around them. One will eventually shut down to do self-care, and this is okay.

Those of us who have this skill, this personality if it is the right phrase, are the best helping professional, as it is about helping others and not financially driven.

The professions that fall is this category are lower paying ones. We enter these professions because we care. Because we are driven by being caring, empathic, kind, and grateful; along with want to give back or serve a higher purpose.

Yes, I fall into this. I have an MSW degree because I truly care. I am empathic which means I MUST do self-care. I seclude myself at times to recharge. If I do not; I along with my loved ones, friends, and clients do not benefit.

There is nothing wrong with shutting a door and taking 15-30 minutes for yourself. Take your lunch. Take a walk in nature in solitude and quiet to reflect and recharge.

No explanation needed. I understand, but I ask you to understand as well. We are not all business and financial driven, but we still have bills to pay like everyone else.

We do not take fancy vacations nor can we afford to. We shop for sale items and always search for bargains. We know how to stretch a dollar further. We know how to negotiate and haggle as we pretty much have to.

Again, none of this is a ‘bad’ thing. We are human like everyone else, but driven by the desire to help others over money.

Happy Social Work month! All of March thank a social worker, case manager, one who has a BSW and/or an MSW degree, and more. 🌸🌷

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay caring…💜