Costs Rising…

So, the day has finally come that my oldest is learning to drive and has her permit. Late September 2019, she casually mentions she has to have her permit in order to apply to the CEGEP program she wants, and she has to have her learner’s permit by December 1st! What??

Ah….being the social work trained mom I am, I immediately go online and start looking for driving schools that are affordable? (haha) and can fit her in to make sure this happens.

I call 3. I left a message at one and they never returned my call, another didn’t think they could do it, and the 3rd, once I described the situation, was readily willing to help. Also, his own kids went to the same high school my daughter is going to. A plus!

So, theory classes would begin at the end of October and we could most likely make the December 1st deadline. Payment plan made, all worked out with the ex (we share expenses for the kids 50/50) and driving course/program which is mandatory here in Quebec, Canada and is a YEAR long process, began.

Permit obtained November 29th! YEAH/YEA??? So, now she can show the college she wants to go to that she has this, can go and take the physical, and we proceed from there. 3 hour physical; lecture, swimming, running, and strength based. She passed with flying colours, but she trained for it also by swimming, running, and more for the month before.

Now, I love my kids, but I am also a bit better about planning things, and do not typically ‘spring’ things on anyone. For sure, I never did this with my own parents. Driving course for the 1 year typically costs $900 plus taxes. I negotiated a slightly better deal and was able to spread it out over 5 months. 👍

She ‘forgot’, didn’t realize-missed this one tiny, little detail….. but being a mom and an MSW holder; I flew into action to make sure it happened.

So, now she does her part 1 or section 1 at driving school, I attend the mandatory class with her since she will drive my car with me.

She does her first 3 driving lessons at the school and then-I have to drive with her!!! Now, the good thing is her very 1st driving lesson with the instructor is the day after a huge snow storm! She knows knows no different and what better way to learn to drive?

So, now my husband and I take turns taking her out and overall not a bad experience… but I have to add her to my insurance policy. 😳

I have a Ford Escape because of our winters up here and I love my car, but I now will try to sell it and change to a crossover because the freaking insurance is too high! 😲

I went from $62 a month and a good driving record to $99 a month and I supposedly lost my good driving record, because I have an under 25 year old driving my car.

The agent tried to reassure me that it was good I have a teenage daughter and not a son as my insurance would go up only $400 a year….needless to say this did nothing to reassure me.

I called around to other car insurance companies hoping to get a better rate…the next closest was $500 more a year!

So, time to sell my SUV and downsize and I fell in love with what I hope is my next car. The Hyundai Kona Preferred AWD. I have others I like too; Suburau Crosstrex, and there is something about the KIA Soul. I want the best deal, AWD, 2″ hitch on the back for a bike rack, and cross-rails on the roof in case we resume camping again. And before you ask, I do believe this will happen; probably next summer though.

So, just before this COVID-19 pandemic came to Canada I test drove the Kona. Nice car. Trend version/Package up from what I drove is $2500 more. No thanks, but the insurance—get this would be $500 less a year from what I pay currently with my Ford Escape!! So switching from the Ford Escape to a crossover means affordable and if it is AWD, still good for Montreal winters…

On my to do list for when we are not on lock-down anymore. Everything non-essential is closed until May 1st. I continue to work from home as do many of my colleagues as we work in the social services department. My daily commute is a whole 4 feet from my bedroom. I am saving on gas! I go to the grocery store once a week only… so again, not driving my car so much, so saving on gas.

I miss my daily interactions with colleagues though. A few of us text, call, message one another to check-in and stay sane…I make a point to share funny videos-humour is great during times of crisis or during more difficult and challenging times…

Anyone else have a funny, ‘My kid is learning to drive story?’