Why I Hate This Generation

Communication. This generation simply refuses to communicate. Or maybe they can’t? It’s appalling. Communication to a relationship is like oxygen, …

Why I Hate This Generation

What a great post and pretty true too!

What happened to communication and I mean REAL communication? Chats in person, in-depth convos? Pandemic has changed this in some ways… as has electronics for the younger generation.

I remember spending hours on the landline talking to friends about everything. I remember letter writing and pen-pals… the written word has changed, communication styles have changed. Do you agree?


  1. So true! Society has effectively outsourced meaningful conversation and dialogue, preferring to maintain these little “virtual” boxes we call emails and text messages. The irony however is that there is very little “virtual” about it. How quickly some have embraced this lonely state of existence, opting instead to live a life of virtual anonymity and seclusion! Humans weren’t created to experience life alone, but many of us do. And then when the chips are down and we long to talk to real people in an actual live conversation to discuss what’s going on in our lives, to share both our joys and burdens, we wonder why we have so few friends who are willing to answer the phone!

    Sadly, some of us have chosen to not make time to nurture real, authentic relationships. That’s a big part of why there is so much distrust in our world today. Real relationships don’t require smiley-faced emoticons and memes on a computer or smartphone screen, but here we are.

    If there are no real relationships, there is no capacity to relate to each other. The world has become just a shallow, anonymous screen name.

    1. I hear you! Social worker here though laid off and on sick leave. I miss the face to face interactions.
      Pandemic has been hard for many and with lockdowns we have had to turn to messaging, texting, phone calls, and zoom for connection.
      I look forward to the day of face to face interactions again without face masks and ‘normal’ interactions in public.
      Here- everyone cautious as Montreal was hard hit in mid-March thru May and numbers increasing again now…😞

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