Journey Forward…

‘Journey Forward’ – what does this mean?

To me, journey forward is letting go of expectations, facing reality head-on no matter how much it hurts or hinders us…

We must be honest and open to the universe…to our reality, our choices. We must acknowledge when things are well and when they are not which means being vulnerable.

Oh no!!!! I said the ‘v’ word??? Vulnerable. But, it is true. I share my journey whether good or bad to help encourage others, but also if my telling my journey helps 1 person then it is worth it.

I am eclectic. I am unique. I have dealt with a ton of stuff in my life, but none of it has ever stopped me. I am still here for a reason… I can help others. I can listen. I can guide, mentor, and coach. Once a social worker always one.

What is your journey? What have you overcome that can help others? What mission do you have?


  1. I’m not sure what my mission, journey or purpose is. In fact, I’m living a nightmare that I don’t think I’ll ever overcome. My oldest of 4 passed away in Sept. at 25 years old. Through my life I’ve gone through some very unimaginable things. Looking back on what I’ve hurdled through, it’s almost embarrassing that I thought those times would be the worst I’d ever experience. There’s no coming out on top of this loss for this time. Yes, I know…but I’m still here…that’s what people like to say thinking it will make me feel good or see some sort of positivity. It doesn’t do anything but frustrate me. I know I’m still here, I have kids and grandkids who love me, maybe I even have a purpose/journey down the road…but, I’ve lost 25 years of what inspired me to be the best version of myself, the one who opened my heart to know true unconditional love.

    1. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to you… loss and grief one never gets over, but one can move forward while still remembering their loved one and yes still feeling the pain of their death.
      It takes time and no specific time-frame as one moves along the healing journey at their own pace…

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