Lavender Campaign on Social Media

Creativity struck and I am going with it…considering the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing & dealing with around the world; this seems appropriate. As I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the numbers are doubling overnight of those testing positive with COVID-19; in order not to stress and to keep occupied, I have created ‘Lavender Campaign on Social Media.’

A drive-thru test centre is 10 minutes away from me…

The significance of lavender, the colour (my favourite) and the meaning of it speaks to me: Lavender is known to represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness. In addition to the flower itself, its purple color also comes with great symbolism. Purple is the color of royalty, pink the color of youth, and lavender is femininity all grown up! (Hence, me loving pink as a little girl and me loving purple as an adult) 🙂

Lavender is commonly used for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Lavender flowers are spike-like and composed of multiple, tiny florets on a slender stem. So this can be interpreted in many ways. Looks dangerous or has one pause and think before touching it or using it, which to me means one is contemplating why they are reaching for or thinking of the herb.

Lavender is valued for being soothing and calming. Lavender can have antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties as well.

Who is with me? Will you plant it, buy it or use it in the form of essential oil or in a diffuser?

I came across this amazing herbal tea by Stash called ‘Christmas in Paris’ which is chocolate, mint, lavender, and vanilla based…guess what colour the box is… (lavender!)

One of my connections/friends in another part of the world so gets me and stated: “I know you have a deeper purpose with this campaign…” She is correct, but for now it is to raise awareness about the benefits of lavender as an herb.

Stay tuned for my ‘deeper’ and more elaborate plans for this campaign… 🙂

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