Women’s Adventure Retreat

Want to go on a hike surrounded by the beautiful Autumn Aspen trees in Colorado? Get a new lease on life? I might be biased, but this Women’s Adventure Retreat is going to be the coolest and most energizing 3 days you will experience😊

Nestled at a historic Bed and Breakfast, we will gravitate between the indoor ‘aha’s’ to the outdoor ‘aha’s’ along the trail.

We leave no one behind as we share, discover, engage in activities and get grounded in our space and place.

Rena Koehler and I welcome a diverse group of age, culture, ethnicity, and background. Come join us!

August is ticking away as the early bird special ends August 31st.

Message me with questions or to schedule a call to discuss. bit.ly/BearsInn – Kim Riley, MPH